FAQs incoming students

Please find below some of the frequently asked questions from incoming students when starting at our School:


1.- When do I have to join to start my studies at the School?

On the School´s website, you may check the academic calendar, which is usually officially approved in June every year (please check the teaching planning section of every qualification). The academic year is made up by two semesters: the first one begins at the end of September and takes up to the end of January or beginning of February, including the corresponding examination period. The second one begins mid-February and takes up to the end of June or beginning of July, including the corresponding examination period. During September, a special examination call takes place, which could be considered as a chance for retaking.

2.- Does the School hold any information session for incoming students?

The International Relations Office usually holds a homecoming session for all the ERASMUS incoming students, usually held at the Campus of the city of Cadiz. However, the School holds a meeting to which every incoming student is invited (ERASMUS, visiting, SICUE, etc.) in order to inform on the services provided. We try to answer any query and we intend this to be the first meeting point.

3.- Which courses may I complete during my stay at the School?

As you know, your study programme in our School should be planned with your coordinator at your University of origin. In order to avoid overlapping timetables, we recommend you to choose courses from a same year qualification. However, you may check the timetables on the corresponding link in our website.

Please bear in mind that if you are only staying one semester, you can only choose courses delivered during that semester: for the Winter semester (September-February), you would choose courses delivered in odd semesters (1, 3, 5, etc.), while if you stay during the Spring semester (February-July), you will have to choose courses delivered in even semesters (2, 4, 6, etc.).

Please do not hesitate to contact the International Relations coordinator if you have any query (internacional.eps@uca.es).

4.- Where may I find information on the timetable and classrooms for every day, the exams, etc.?

At the Information counter of the School, you will be given details on the classrooms and potential rare modifications which may have arisen. Moreover, you may check this information on the teaching planning document in our website and notifications posted therein.

5.- Are there any Spanish courses available? How can I join these courses?

At the University, several Spanish courses are offered, which are delivered by the University School of Modern Languages (CSLM), subject to a minimum number of students. Therefore, in case you are interested in improving your Spanish level, please contact the International Relations coordinator of the School.

Moreover, in Algeciras, there is an association for language exchange known as Synergy, which holds meetings between different nationals to practise their language skills.

6.- How many foreign students usually come to the School and from which Universities?

The number of incoming foreign students at the School (ERASMUS +, visiting, etc.) is around 20 per academic year.

The most common universities of origin are: Lille (France), KU Lovaina (Belgium), Technology University of Wroclaw (Poland), University of Palermo (Italy), universities from Mexico (Autonomous University of Coahuila, Technology Institute of Monterrey, Autonomous University of Baja California, etc.).[:es]A continuación tratamos de responder a preguntas que suelen formular alumnos entrantes en nuestro centro: