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The Polytechnic School of Engineering in Algeciras is an Engineering School established more than 40 years ago, attached to the University of Cadiz.

It is located at the Bahia de Algeciras Campus in the city of Algeciras, considered one of the most relevant strategic points in the South of the Iberian Peninsula.

The School was established due to the industrial boost of the Region of Campo de Gibraltar, during the 60s. Nowadays, it still maintains relations with the regional industries, settled through departments promoting relations with the business sector.

The School is the university benchmark in our region since it was established. It is a mid-size university integrated by 1,000 students divided at nearly 50% in two Engineering fields: Industrial Engineering (Mechanical, Electricity, Industrial Electronics and Industrial Chemistry Engineering) and Civil Engineering (civil works). For both fields there are undergraduate and master degrees available, offering our students the highest training level in Industrial Engineering and Road, Canal and Port Engineering. In the academic year 2016-2017, the Doctorate Programme in Energy and Sustainable Engineering was launched.

The faculty is made up by around 120 professors, 70% full-time staff and 30% part-time staff and all of them linked to the industrial sector. Out of the faculty, 25% are full professors at the University.

The School is constantly evolving, both concerning its facilities and human resources, permanently participating in training, research, technology transfer and cultural activities.

Come and experiment an unforgettable stay with us! To study with us, please contact the office of your University in charge of managing the ERASMUS Program and follow the instructions provided. Once you are nominated, you will receive an email with instructions to apply for a place at the UCA.



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