UCA International Scholarship Program

The UCA International Scholarship Program is a tool recently developed by our university with the main purpose of promoting the mobility of students, faculty and administration and services staff of the University of Cádiz abroad.

This program unifies for the first time all the mobility aids offered by the UCA and details the specific objectives for each year, the planned strategies, as well as the strategic or priority areas of action and the tools considered for the achievement of the objectives posed.

By way of summary, the main features of the program are the following:

  • Objectives updated annually
  • Framed in the II Strategic Plan of the UCA
  • It has been prepared and coordinated by: the Vice-Rector for Research, Planning, Transfer, Students and the General Directorate of Institutional Relations (DGRI)
  • Key agents: centers, research institutes, Campus of Excellence (CE) and University Classrooms

The official document of the program (2016) can be found at this link. A summary version prepared by the Center’s International Relations Coordination can be found here.

Previous calls associated with the UCA International Scholarship Program: AYUDAS UCA INTERNACIONAL_20/02/2017