Research is one of the core activities of the University, a sign of excellence and decisive for financing, competitiveness and qualifications certification processes. The research groups whose responsible researchers (RR) are public officers at the EPS of Algeciras and, therefore, carry out their research activity at our School are the following:

Research groups registered in the Andalusian Plan of Research, Development and Innovation (PAIDI)

  • Group of Sustainable and Renewable Electric Technologies (TESYR) TEP-023
  • Group of Computational Instrumentation and Industrial Electronics (ICEI) TIC-168
  • Group of Thermal Engineering (iiTER) TEP-221
  • Group of Systems Smart Modelling (MIS) TEP-024
  • Group of Surface Tension and Alternative or Renewable Energies TEP-109
  • Group of Composites TEP-157
The Andalusian Plan of Research, Development and Innovation (PAIDI) includes the following research groups working in energy and its applications related areas, the research groups from the EPS are herein included.

EPS of Algeciras Research reports