Industrial Technologies Engineering

The Degree in Engineering in Industrial Technologies (GITI), together with the University Master in Industrial Engineering, lead to the profession of Industrial Engineer. It trains professionals of the Industrial Engineering with aptitude to design, construct, support and manage equipments and industrial facilities.

The area of work includes both traditional as future areas: automatic, electricity, electronics, chemical, mechanical engineering, construction and industrial facilities, energy, environment, production, industrial organization, automobile and transport, etc.

These studies have a great professional success due to the wide knowledge of the different industrial technologies that they grant, the great capacity of adjustment and for the versatility of their graduates after the access to the labor world.

The Graduates in GITI have therefore preferential admission in Master of Industrial Engineering.

Title Coordinator: Prof. Dr. D. José Carlos Palomares Salas 

Planning of the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Technologies

The title in Degree in Engineering in Industrial Technologies is estructured in four academics years, in accordance with the provisions of RD 1393/2007.

At the University of Cádiz, the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Technologies offers four training itineraries, corresponding to the specific technologies mentioned in Order CIN / 351/2009 of February 9 (BOE No. 44, of February 20, 2009 ):

  • Specific Technology in Electricity.
  • Specific technology in Industrial Electronics.
  • Specific Technology in Mechanics.
  • Specific technology in Industrial Chemistry.

Promotional video about Industrial Engineering made by the Association of Industrial Engineers of Murcia

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